Adoption Process 

1. Adoption Application

To begin the process of either purchasing or to be added to our waiting list, the Adoption Application form must be filled out. This form acts as a historical record as well as an opportunity to learn more about our customers. 

2. Waiting lists & Deposits 

We have two waiting lists.


The Priority List - 

This list guarantees a baby within a realistic time frame of planned litters. To be added to the Priority List, a deposit is required. All candidates on this list select available babies before the Casual List.

The Casual List - 

This list does not guarantee a baby. All candidates on this list will select babies after the Priority List. 

Deposits -

To be added to the Priority List or to claim a hedgehog, we require a deposit of $27.50 ($25 +$2.50 Pay Pal fee). The deposit ties into the hedgehog's price. For example: $200 (hedgehog price) - $25.00 = $175 at pick up.

The candidates will be added in the order received. 

3. Reservation

Reservation takes place when babies are reach 4 weeks of age. We will reach out to the waiting list via e-mail or text message. Pictures and additional details will be provided. We allow 24 hours for a response before moving to the next candidate. From reservation to pick-up time, please expect weekly updates and pictures to be sent. We encourage open communication! We want you to learn about your baby as much as possible!

4. Pick Up

Three days before pick up, we require a picture of the hedgehog's setup which includes a minimum of: cage, heating system, wheel and food. We want to make sure our babies will be happy in their new homes!

Before pick up, ensure a carrier is ready with a soft towel or bedding to carry the baby home in. It must be tall enough for prevent an escapee. It also has to be warm enough for the baby. At your appointment, please expect us to walk you through care tips and further suggestions. Please be ready with any questions you have!

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